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Some Typings are created in the style of "Things I heard or read or wrote today...." My source material is from interviews I’ve found online or in podcasts, books and newspaper articles I’ve read, overheard conversations from strangers, and notes from my own journals. I record these quotes and sentences and later begin grouping them together into collections that seem to share a similar feeling or quality. I then begin piecing them together one sentence at a time, each sentence coming from a different source while possibly editing a word or two to help them all hang together. The result is nearly stream of consciousness in its style, partly reasonable and logical while also nonsensical and almost dream-like.


Some Typings are single words (e.g. “Word”) or word pairs “Life / Death") or short phrases (e.g. “I am an artist"). These straddle the line between conceptual art and poetry, calling upon the viewer to consider the meaning of words, the profundity pregnant in questions of duality and polarity, and the psychic experience of an evolving identity. By reading the same phrase over and over again, some Typings have a mantra-like quality to their repetition allowing the viewer to have ever-changing and non-ordinary emotional and psychic experiences as intonations and pace change.


All are typed at a relatively fast pace allowing errors to remain: a kind of bow to the imperfection of our lives. All are meant to cause self-reflection be it intellectual, emotional, or spiritual. All are meant to encourage viewers to enter into a state not typically experienced in our daily lives.

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