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Over the next few months, I will be calling our attention to 25 living and thriving African American visual artists and their work, in posts I call, “Have You Heard Of…?” Why? Because, among other areas of unconsciousness, we white folks share a collective, national blind spot to the extraordinary contributions black Americans have made, are making, to the diverse tapestry we call American Art. We have failed and continue to fail at making their names our household names that are spoken amongst the predominantly white male American artists we worship. This is one, small attempt to crack open that blind spot and begin to widen our shared perception that rightfully includes the recognition and exaltation of countless black artists whose unique genius helps define what is African American Art and thus, what is, American Art.

Faith Ringgold, "Flag Story Quilt" 1985

Acrylic on canvas, dyed, painted and pieced fabric , 57x78 in.

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